A car wash business proposal is one which is submitted by the car wash company to their prospective client or a car dealer. The proposal will include basic details about the services offered by the car wash dealer, cost of the services, offers etc. This car wash business proposal benefits both the dealer as well as the client. They are usually submitted to their expected customers. A sample car wash proposal is provided below as an example.

Sample Car Wash Business Proposal

Car Wash Business proposal Date – 25th July 2013

Summary of Business Proposal :

We are a prominent car wash company in the state with over twelve years of extensive experience in both manual and automated car wash techniques. We have been able to maintain the desired fame in business circles for being the best car wash company due to the excellent quality provided by us.

Our Services :

We offer total car wash techniques for customers who prefer a complete cleaning of their vehicle for £55. It includes inside and outside cleaning, windows cleaning, polishing of windows, exterior, and alloy cleaning for a regular car. Rates can vary with higher and sophisticated models.

There are partial services provided for customers who request a simple wash at low cost of £20, which includes inside and outside cleaning.

We offer very efficient service and provide free pick up and drop of your cars at the location specified, for full cleaning service.

For a bi-monthly service we offer a discount of £25 in full cleaning and £10 in partial cleaning services, and also provide you an alternate vehicle if needed.


We offer to take lease of cleaning your company’s cars at the rate mentioned above and offer 2 free partial cleaning services for the cars in one year. The amount will be agreed upon the model and number of cars.

Please let us know if need to provide any further information.

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