Consumer Proposals

Consumer proposals are, in effect, proposals for the elimination of a certain part of the debts of an individual on the verge of bankruptcy. They must be framed with the... Read More

Consumer Credit Proposal

A consumer credit proposal is a legal document of a negotiated agreement between a person and his creditors (people he owes money to); where the person pays only a part... Read More

Joint Consumer Proposal

A joint consumer proposal is a document which is filed by two or more persons in order to declare their insolvent status and to request either for more time to... Read More

Consumer Behavior Research Proposal

A consumer behavior research proposal is a document which is presented by an agency that deals with this kind of undertaking to a company, or a retail outlet or any... Read More

Consumer Proposal Format

Consumer proposal format must succinctly put forward the factors that consumer’s most likely use to judge a product or a scheme. These proposals are like surveys done to increase a... Read More

Consumer Proposal Template

A Consumer proposal template is the readymade format that represents a document which targets the prospective consumer of a company or organization for the sale of their product. These proposal... Read More

Consumer Proposal Example

Consumer proposal example must highlight the basic purpose of a consumer proposal which is that of assessing the needs of the consumer in respect of a particular product. They must... Read More

Sample Consumer Proposal

A sample consumer proposal is a complete bid to provide details regarding any particular product which a company launches targeting a certain group of consumers and thus is generally put... Read More

Consumer Proposal Form

A Consumer proposal form is the layout of a proposal document which is presented to the prospective consumers by any company or organization for acceptance of their product. Such kind... Read More