Building Contract Proposal

A building contract proposal is a document which is framed by a building contractor to propose an offer of building work. The proposal is sent to a prospective client who... Read More

Free Service Contract Proposal Template

A free service contract proposal template is a ready to use service contract proposal which is available for free on the internet and can be used by anyone who wishes... Read More

Building Maintenance Contract Proposal

Building maintenance is a kind of a maintenance service which helps in the repair and overall maintenance of any building or enclosed space. Some of the building maintenance services include... Read More

IT Maintenance Contract Proposal

IT maintenance contract proposal is a formal document which is framed by IT Company to offer its IT repair and maintenance services to a client.  These documents are kind of... Read More

Landscaping Contract Proposal

A landscaping contract proposal is a kind of a formal document or proposal which is made between a landscaping company and a client. Generally these proposals are formed by landscaping... Read More

Maintenance Contract Proposal Example

A Maintenance contract proposal is one that is used to obtain a contract for providing maintenance services to a manufacturing plant, a factory, a services company or institution etc. The... Read More

Job Contract Proposal

A job contract proposal is one which is proposed by an employer and accepted by one who is taking up the job. The proposal entails all the information pertaining to... Read More

Training Contract Proposal

Training contract proposal is one that is entered into between two parties where one is the training company and the other is the organization that wishes to avail the training... Read More

Graphic Design Contract Proposal

A graphic design contract proposal is one that provides the details of graphic designing services offered by a person or an organization. The contract proposal is a document that has... Read More

IT Service Contract Proposal

An IT service contract proposal is one that is drafted by a company that provides IT services to other organizations. The proposal has details of the different IT services offered... Read More

Security Guard Contract Proposal

Security guard contract proposal is one that is prepared and submitted by a company that provides security guard services. The proposal should have all the details pertaining to the contract... Read More

Contract Proposals

Contract proposals can be used in every sphere of business where it safeguards both the parties involved. The goal of a proposal is to ultimately get a contract which signifies... Read More

Vendor Contract Proposal

A vendor contract proposal is a legal document which puts forward the details of the products and services that are to be supplied by the vendor to the contractor. It... Read More