Design Proposals

Design proposals are specifically worded documents providing detailed sketches of designs as proposal to a prospective company. Such designs are conceived by technicians who are pro at handling cover design,... Read More

Fashion Clothing Design Proposal

A fashion clothing design proposal is a formally organized document that elaborates and presents various clothing designs as per the latest fashion trends in the market. This is a business... Read More

Footwear Design Proposal

A footwear design proposal relates to a document that enumerates the different new prototypes of footwear. This is a professional document and hence the information needs to be organized formally... Read More

Furniture Design Proposal

A furniture design proposal should be prepared in a way so as to outline the significant issues such as the material, durability aspects of the furniture, costs involved and the... Read More

Tattoo Design Proposal

A tattoo design proposal is generally prepared as a document that will outline the design of the tattoo and several other aspects related to it, such as costs incurred, the... Read More

Magazine Design Proposal

A magazine design proposal should put forth all details of the exact design that is to come on the magazine cover or any special page or specific portion of the... Read More

Network Design Proposal

A network design proposal is a document which outlines the manner and method by which a data network can be created keeping certain important objectives in mind. Since this is... Read More

Brand Design Proposal

A brand design proposal is a document which outlines the manner in which a brand will be vested with its own brand name and value. It is a time consuming... Read More

Brochure Design Proposal

A brochure design proposal is a document that includes detailed sketches of concepts that can act as a brochure to a company. These designs are made by expert technicians who... Read More

Building Design Proposal

A building design proposal is a document which outlines the plans for designing and executing the construction of a building. Such a document will not only contain details of the... Read More

Lightening Design Proposal

A lightening design proposal is a document which contains the plans by which the lightening of a building, an area or a residential property shall be completed. Lightening impacts the... Read More

Landscape Design Proposal

A landscape design proposal is a document which outlines the main tenets of a landscape project that will be completed by a company. Such a proposal can either be presented... Read More

Architecture Design Proposal

An architecture design proposal is a sample design of an architectural piece given to a building company. It is a detailed drawing of a construction plan that is given for... Read More