Graduate Student Proposal

A graduate student proposal is a type of a proposal which a graduate student prepares to propose an academic project or task to a teacher or a lecturer of the... Read More

Art Student Proposal

An art student proposal is a kind of a proposal which is prepared by a student who is in the field of arts or is doing a course in arts.... Read More

Corporate Sponsorship Proposal

A corporate sponsorship is a kind of sponsorship in which a corporate company sponsors an event or cause as a form of advertising. Whenever a corporate company wishes to be... Read More

Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

An event sponsorship proposal is a proposal which a person or entity sends to another person or entity proposing it to become the sponsor of an event. An event sponsorship... Read More

Education Proposals

Education proposals can be of a wide range with teachers presenting them to boards of schools, or other governing bodies. Depending on whether an individual presents them or a group... Read More

School Education Proposal

A school education proposal is a document which highlights the measures which need to be taken in order to bring about a significant change to the existing structure of a... Read More

Media Education Proposal

A media education proposal is a document which identifies the salient features in any proposed change, addition or inclusion of media education in an existing educational framework. It must be... Read More

Education Proposal

An education proposal is a document which contains the means by which changes, or inclusions or even exclusions, will be made to the existing structure of school or college curriculum... Read More

Education Proposal Example

An education proposal has to be written following certain guidelines. There is a specific tone in which these formal documents, usually for funding or permission to introduce new courses or... Read More

Educational Research Proposal

The educational research proposal is created by students of a particular major or academic field and sent for approval to the necessary university or department concerned. The proposal highlights the... Read More

Medical Education Proposal

A medical education proposal is a document which can either be written by a prospective medical student requiring funds for education, or by a medical college detailing the plans for... Read More

Engineering Education Proposal

Engineering education proposal is a document presented with an intention of introducing any new engineering education program or course. Therefore, such a document should be framed enunciating the plan and... Read More

Sports Education Proposal

Sports education proposal documents any particular plan related to a sports education program or project that is intended to be initiated. Such a document should be so framed that it... Read More