Financial Plan Proposal

Every business organization must have a strong and well detailed financial plan to look after its finances, work on its accounts and carry out investment activities. Finance managers are the... Read More

Financial Proposals

Financial proposals are documents prepared by most firms in the corporate sector and the profit-making organizations that involve finance as a major part of its operational procedures. The proposals are... Read More

Financial Statement Proposal

A financial statement proposal is a document which quantitatively presents the financial situation of the company by giving a summary of the different financial aspects of the business operations. The... Read More

Financial Statement Audit Proposal

A financial statement audit proposal is an audit or verification of the financial statements of a company along with the presentation of an audit opinion. Although companies have internal auditors,... Read More

Shareholder Proposal

A shareholder proposal is a document created by one or more shareholders of a particular company to submit it in the company’s annual general meeting with a definite purpose. The... Read More

Financial Investment Proposal

A financial investment proposal is created by a financial advisor who advises the investor on how to achieve his investment goals thorough various investment processes. They use their experience and... Read More

Stock Investment Proposal

A stock investment proposal is a document which gives information about a company and the performance of its stock and how it will be beneficial to the investor. Most corporations... Read More

Bookkeeping Proposal

A bookkeeping proposal is a document where a company specialising in bookkeeping services offers to take the responsibility of handling the bookkeeping tasks of another company. Sometimes a company has... Read More

Economist Proposal

An economist proposal is a document presented by an economist with a particular goal or suggestion which will help the economy. An economist is an expert on economic affairs and... Read More

Homes Financing Proposal

A homes’ financing proposal is used to seek loans from financing companies in order to fund the buying of a home or homes. The price of homes is usually a... Read More

Real Estate Financing Proposal

A real estate financing proposal is a document presented in order to get loans and grants for buying real estate properties. Real estate includes land or any building structure on... Read More

Audit Proposal

An audit proposal is a type of financial proposal whereby one tries to convince a company or the management that audit is necessary. Audit is important for maintaining the sound... Read More

Financial Research Proposal

A financial research proposal is a document which deals with the research and study of finances, equity, investments and so on for clients seeking services. Before any project proposal is... Read More