Job Franchise Proposal

A job franchise proposal outlines the key characteristics and features that comprise of a specific firm or organization applying for a job franchise. A job franchise generally involves acquiring rights... Read More

Job Interview Proposal

A job interview proposal is an official document sent by a candidate seeking job or applying for a particular position in a firm. It contains the details of the applicant’s... Read More

Virtual Assistant Job Proposal

Virtual assistant job proposal is a document drafted by a potential job seeker or an applicant applying to assist as a virtual assistant for various websites or IT industries. Virtual... Read More

Security Job Proposal

Security job proposal is an official draft documented by a person who seeks job in Security Department of a firm/company. This proposal must be composed in an attractive and compelling... Read More

Nurse Practitioner Job Proposal

A nurse practitioner job proposal is a document written by a nurse practitioner who seeks a nursing position in a hospital or other healthcare units. The applicant is required to... Read More

Project Manager Job Proposal

Project Manager job Proposal, as the term clearly suggests, is a document that details the work profile of a candidate seeking employment as a Project manager in concerned firm. A... Read More

Bookkeeping Job Proposal

Bookkeeping job proposal is drafted by a job seeker who wishes to get employed in the bookkeeping department of a company. Working in the bookkeeping department he is responsible for... Read More

Management Job Proposal

Management Job proposal is a document drafted by a job applicant who wishes to get employed in the Management department of a firm. A management official looks after short term... Read More

General Manager Job Proposal

A general manager job proposal is the document which a candidate prepares to propose his/her employment for the position of a general manager in a company. In the proposal the... Read More

Administrative Assistant Job Proposal

Administrative assistant job proposal is a document which is used by a person to propose himself for the position of an administrative assistant in an organization or company. The document... Read More

Marketing Manager Job Proposal

A marketing manager job proposal is a document which is used by a person to propose his/her employment as a marketing manager in a company.  It is an attempt to... Read More

Maintenance Job Proposal

A maintenance job is a job which entails the individual employed, to work for the maintenance of something like equipment, real estate or some other property etc. When an individual... Read More

Job Proposals

Job proposals are documents which outline the skills and caliber of a potential candidate designed to attract the notice of prospective employers. They must be framed carefully as they constitute... Read More