Legal Services Business Proposal

When a company working in legal services provision writes a proposal to any of its clients or prospective client to promote a business idea or proposition, it is referred to... Read More

Legal Aid Project Proposal

Legal aid offices are established to help all general public members who lack financial backing, by providing them legal support. When these offices want to propose project ideas to higher... Read More

Law Enforcement Project Proposal

A law enforcement project proposal refers to any proposal that has been prepared by an individual or officer to promote a project which deals with the law enforcement or related... Read More

Legal Advisory Proposal

A professional in the legal business who is hired to provide guidance and advice to an entity, may need to make use of a document that formally extends advice to... Read More

Legal Consultancy Proposal

A legal consultancy proposal is a type of a proposal which is written by a legal firm or a legal consultancy company to propose its services to a prospective client... Read More

Legal Proposals

Legal proposals are declarations of legal intent regarding any matter which needs to be resolved under the aegis of the law. For example, any decision which needs to be sorted... Read More

Legal Secretary Proposal

A legal secretary proposal is a document presented by a member of a law firm describing the requirement and responsibilities of a legal secretary. Lawyers and attorneys have numerous tasks... Read More

Legal Assistant Proposal

A legal assistant proposal is a document which is created either by a law firm seeking to hire the services of a legal assistant. A legal assistant is like a... Read More

Legislative Proposal

A legislative proposal is a formal document presented proposing modification or repeal of a particular law or the introduction of a law regarding a particular topic. The legislative proposal must... Read More

Legal Research Project Proposal

A legal research project proposal is a document presented by someone who showcases the requirement or the impact of legal research conducted on a matter which is related to a... Read More

Legal Proposal Contract

A legal proposal contract is a written document signed between a law firm and a client or another party by which they enter into a legal agreement in order to... Read More

Legal Proposal Form

A legal proposal form is a document offered by a law firm to a client or vice versa where the content can range between a large number of topics. The... Read More

Criminal Law Proposal

A criminal law proposal is a document presented by the local, state or federal representatives of the people of a country which write about a particular crime and what needs... Read More