Financial Management Research Proposal

A financial management research proposal is the proposal which is written when an employee of a business proposes some sort of research mechanism to promote financial management in the business.... Read More

Project Management Research Proposal

A project management research proposal refers to the proposal presented by a member of a business to conduct research related project management in the business. The proposal can be made... Read More

Media Research Proposal

A media research proposal refers to the proposal wherein the presenter is suggesting (to those being presented) that some sort of media related research to be taken up. The aim... Read More

Business Administration Research Proposal

The business administration research proposal is the proposal which undertakes research study to understand the business administration dynamics. It could be a general proposal taken up by the business to... Read More

Nursing Student Research Proposal

A nursing student enrolled in a research program/ study may be required to make a proposal presenting the idea he/ she is picking for the research paper/ thesis. The nursing... Read More

Research Proposals

Research proposals outline the salient features of an individual’s research paper or a company’s research project. It is a document prepared before the actual research itself. It is similar to... Read More

Academic Research Proposal

An academic research proposal plays a key role in presenting ones thesis or dissertation work. It is primarily composed to acquaint the supervising committee with one’s research idea, theoretical positioning... Read More

Free Research Proposal

The free research proposals are the ones that are available free of cost over the internet. These proposals can be downloaded and can be customized as per one’s needs. These... Read More

Fellowship Research Proposal

A fellowship research proposal presents a brief overview of the ideas developed in a research paper and informs the concerned authority about the researcher’s line of argument. It is specifically... Read More

Formal Research Proposal

Since a formal research proposal aims at informing and influencing the approval of the concerned authority about ones research ideas, it must be composed with the utmost care and concentration.... Read More

Research Proposal Example

Research proposal example is a sample research proposal that demonstrates the basic outline of a research proposal in general. It presents a brief overview of an individual’s research project and... Read More

Research Proposal Letter

A research proposal letter is a document which is written by a prospective researcher or research team to a funding agency, or to agencies that will, in any way, affect... Read More

Criminal Justice Research Proposal

Criminal Justice research proposal document is presented enumerating the insight research work on a particular crime, its remedies for making a safer community etc. Hence, such kind of proposal should... Read More