Wedding Proposals

Wedding proposals are an extremely special moment in anyone’s life. It marks a transition from being an individual to accepting another person as life partner. Hence they need to be... Read More

Love Wedding Proposal

Love wedding proposal is a document presented to propose the love of the life to marry. It is a document which expresses all the feelings and emotions for the special... Read More

Lovely Day Wedding Proposal

Lovely day wedding proposal refers to a document to propose someone for wedding on a special day. In this proposal the feelings and emotions are beautifully expressed to fetch the... Read More

Wedding Planner Proposal

Wedding planner proposal is a document which provides the details about the wedding plans offered by a professional wedding planner. In this proposal the wedding planner lists out the arrangements... Read More

Marry You Wedding Proposal

Marry you wedding proposal refers to a document in which a person expresses her deep love for his beloved and proposes for marriage. At any stage of a committed relationship... Read More

Crazy Wedding Proposal

A crazy wedding proposal is one which is a lot of fun while retaining the sincerity and love that are an inseparable part of wedding proposals. Crazy wedding proposals can... Read More

Simple Wedding Proposal

A simple wedding proposal is a sweet note of love wherein one expresses love and a desire to spend precious and lifelong romantic moments with his/ her beloved. Wedding is... Read More

Witty Wedding Proposal

A witty wedding proposal is one in which the emotions and love one feels for the object of affections is conveyed in a witty manner. It takes a great deal... Read More

Funny Wedding Proposal

A funny wedding proposal must be laced with wry humor. It is a matter of taste but works wonderfully well depending on the nature of both the proposer and the... Read More

Emotional Wedding Proposal

An emotional wedding proposal is one which is simple, sincere and emotional. Though all wedding proposal contain a degree of emotions, an emotional wedding proposal makes no bones about its... Read More

Ultimate Wedding Proposal

An ultimate wedding proposal must be exactly what the name suggests, ultimate and larger than life. It can be flamboyant and effusive as the temperament of the proposer calls for.... Read More

Best Wedding Proposal

A best wedding proposal is one which conveys all the heartfelt emotions that accompany a wedding declaration. It must be devoid of all ornamentation and feelings must be conveyed. Best... Read More

Royal Wedding Proposal

A royal wedding proposal is one which is made by a member of a royal family. It must be dignified but stateliness can be eschewed for the occasion. The royal... Read More