A catering business proposal is a document which outlines the salient features of an intended catering project. It should includes details of the catering business and also identify problem areas which need to be taken into consideration. Thus a catering business proposal must be lucid and comprehensive.

Sample Catering Business Proposal:

Name of catering business: Homemade Catering Services

Location identified for catering business: Two outlets in New York City

Intended date for launching the catering business: 3.2.2011

Our objectives:

  • We intend to serve homemade meals to our customers in New York City. We also intend to make sure that the produce we use to prepare our meals is fresh and natural. We plan to eschew the use of preservatives and other chemicals.
  • We plan to have a fixed delivery time beyond which we will deliver our meals free of cost. If the meal does not reach the client by an hour, we plan to abstain charging for it. However, terms and conditions are applicable.

Intended customer base: We mainly plan to cater to office going clients. We wish to provide them with our services so that they can access fresh food in their offices.

Estimated capital required: 3423400 $

Business to be set up by: Martha Roberts, Selena Jacobs and Robert Morgan.

Our source of produce and raw materials: Natural Food Producers

Expansion strategies: Once we achieve our estimated turnovers in the first three years, we plan to set up outlets in Washington, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Contact number for more information: 746237427