A cause marketing proposal is a document which highlights the marketing or publicity plan of any cause. The cause can be a wide ranging one, from charity to education, and depending on the nature of the cause, the marketing plan devoted to it will also vary. Thus, special care must be taken to ensure that the marketing proposal is suitable to the cause.

Sample Cause Marketing Proposal:

Name of marketing agency: Red Eye Pvt. Ltd.

Name of cause: Spencer’s Charity Organization for Underprivileged Children [SCOUC]

Nature of cause: SCOUC is a charitable, non-profit organization established in 1991 by the Spencer’s Enterprise for the facilitation of the education and vocational training of 10 underprivileged children per year.

Our reason for participating in this cause: This cause has received tremendous public support and it has enriched the lives of many children through its tireless work.

Marketing Plans:

  • We intend to contact all the leading media houses of the country in order to engage their support in publicizing the cause.
  • We also plan to organize a charity event in September 2011 to garner funds for the same.
  • We intend to begin work at the grassroots level and have ordered prints of leaflets and files in order to popularize and connect with the masses.

Our core marketing team: Rick castle, Yana Rogers, Janice Hemmer

Our estimated budget for the whole endeavor: $30000

Our noteworthy work so far: [please see enclosed presentation disc]

We hope to hear from you soon. Thanking you,

Jason Herbert,

Executive Director,

Red Eye Pvt. Ltd.