A charity concert proposal is a special layout that outlines the propaganda of a particular concert to be organized by a charitable organization for the benefit of the pitiable masses dependent on it for existence and improvement. This type of proposal is prepared for those clientele interested in contributing to this noble cause.

Sponsorship Proposal Template in iPages

Sponsorship Proposal Template in iPages

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Printable Investment Proposal Word Template

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Sample Investment Proposal Template to Edit

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Simple Proposal in Google Docs

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Sample Charity Concert Proposal:

Name of the charity concert: Bold and Beautiful, 2011

Concert organizers: Women’s Charity Home and Lux Co.

Date of concert: 7th June, 2011

Venue: Miami Palace.

Purpose of concert: To raise funds for poor and helpless women.

Detailed overview of the concert:

  • Inauguration by Mrs. Alice De’Souza, renowned actress and brand ambassador of Loreal.
  • Dance performance by famous ballroom dancer Swatyi Rose and her troupe.
  • An interactive session wherein renowned and successful women such as fashion designer Stephanie Archer, gynecologist Dr. Emily Gonzalves, psychiatrist Jane Chris, author Samantha Gomes, singer Serena Hilton and elocutionist Steffi Sheldon, will discuss on various issues that affect today’s women and will voice their thoughts and ideas for solving the problems.
  • The next part of the event will be a presentation on how to help women in need, not just by donating the funds generated by the event but also suggesting ways to perform jobs according to their abilities so as to be able to support themselves and their families too in the near future.
  • The programme is to end on a musical on women empowerment.

Estimated Budget: $ 100000

Last Date for accepting sponsorship forms: 23rd May, 2011.

Publicity will start from 25th May, 2011 through audio, visual as well as print media.

Previous sponsors are requested to renew their forms while new sponsors must apply for the same.

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