A charity donation proposal is a kind of a formal proposal which is made by a charitable organization or charity group in order to request or propose a charity donation from another individual or company. These proposals talk about the charitable institute, its cause and the reason it is asking for a charity amount.

The decision to accept the proposal or not lies with the party at the other end and is based on how convincing the proposal is. For your reference, a sample of a charity donation proposal has been given below and can be used by anyone.

Sample Charity Donation Proposal

Name of the charitable donation organization: London Old Age Home

Address of the charitable organization: 4-R, first floor, Modern tower, Pablo Street, London

Proposal framed by: Lewis Jackson

Vice President, London Old Age Home

Proposal presented to: Henry Black

Managing Director, Black group of companies, London

Proposal presented on: 15th May 2014

Proposal objective: this proposal has been prepared with the objective of requesting you to make a donation to London Old Age home, which is one of the charitable organizations of the city. Your donation would mean a lot to the old age people that are part of this family and will come in use for their medical treatment.

Details of charity donation proposal

  • We request you to make a charitable donation in the name of London Old Age home.
  • The amount of money that you donate is totally up to you and you can also make a donation of clothes, furniture, utilities, medical treatment camp or any other means which seems suitable to you.
  • Once you make a donation, your name will be entered into the list of donators and people making a donation of more than $1000 will have their name engraved on the old age home’s premises.