A charity fundraising proposal is a document which is used to raise funds for and on-behalf of a charity, for a particular purpose. Charity fundraising proposal document contains the overview of the proposal, the fundraising goal and the relation of the fundraising goal to the needs of the charity. Charity fundraising proposal should point out on how the fundraiser will complement the charity’s mission and comply with its fundraising guidelines. The fundraising proposal should include a pledge form and a self-addressed envelope.

Sample Charity Fundraising Proposal

Date of Submission of the fund-raising proposal: 10th February 2012

Proposal prepared by:  Orphans Association

Proposal submitted to: Electra Solutions

Objective: To raise funds to support the children and the elderly citizens of the Orphan’s Association by means of a fund-raising program.

Overview of the fund-raising program

Name of the Program: “Give to all”

Date to be held: 15th February 2012

Estimated budget: $400

Overview of our organization

  • Our Association provides shelter to unfortunate children and also works for their education and has many different programs running for the welfare of the orphans and the poor children.
  • We reach out our helping hands to as many children in our society and provide them with the basic necessities.
  • We would like to extend our service to the orphans for a long time in the future and we are in need of money to help people with food, clothes and education.


  • We are looking forward to help the elderly people of the society and provide them with the required help by raising funds by means of fun events and other fund-raising activities.
  • We are consistently approaching organizations who would like to support our Association so that we can continue our service.
  • The fundraising program “Give to All” which will be conducted on 15th February is with the intention to raise funds for the welfare of the children and the senior citizens.