Charity insurance proposal is a document that the trustees of the charity prepare in order to protect the charity’s assets and resources. All charities face risks and thus insurance are the best way to protect them against any loss. Trustees can insure any property owned by the charity against the risk of loss or damage and can pay the premiums out of its funds. Charities which employ staff are required to buy employer’s liability insurance and charities that own motor vehicles are required to buy motor insurance. The nature of the insurance to be bought is decided based up on the charity’s assessment of the risks.

Sample Charity Insurance Proposal

Date of Submission of the charity insurance proposal: 22nd December 2012

Charity Insurance Proposal prepared by:  Children’s Association

Charity Insurance Proposal submitted to: PNC Insurance Company

Charity Insurance Proposal Goal: To obtain the insurance suited for our Organization.

Salient features of Charity Insurance Proposal

  • Our organization provides help to the unfortunate children and helps them with their requirements to the best of our ability.
  • Children’s Association looks forward to improve the lives of the children providing them with the food, clothing, shelter and education.
  • We have many volunteers who are employed as staffs to educate the children of our charity.
  • Sponsors for children provide their contribution to our association and provide a helping hand to reach our goal which is to ensure the welfare of each and every unfortunate child in the society.
  • Our organization is currently looking forward for an insurance plan that would best help us monetarily in the future and ensure the charity’s safety.
  • We would like to obtain details about the policy, the time that the policy would remain in force and other important details that we might require in order to buy the insurance.