A charity proposal example is a layout that provides an idea of how an ideal charity proposal should exactly look like. It will include general details that form an important part of almost all charity proposals, with slight variations because of the difference in the objectives, work plan, etc. A proposal example should be prepared in clear and correct manner, as it will work as a sample for all other proposals.

Sample Charity Proposal Example:

Name of the charitable organization: Jolly Home for the Helpless

Title of the event: Jolly’s Concert, 2011

Organizers: Patrick Companies, and L’Oreal Paris

Media Partners: Everyday News [print], 24×7 NEWS [television channel], and 98.4 FM New York [radio partner]

Proposal prepared by: Matthew George

General Manager

Jolly Home for the Helpless, New York

Date of proposal submission: 9th August, 2011

Date of the charity concert [tentative]: 9th October, 2011


The Jolly’s Concert, 2011 is being organized to display the talents and skills of the inhabitants of our Home that have been developed and polished throughout the year. We would like to utilize their abilities to earn funds for their development.

Work Plan:

  • The concert will be a 3-hour event wherein various functions will be included.
  • We would inaugurate the programme in the presence of Mr. Stephen Jacob Paul, CEO, Jolly Home Group of Organizations.
  • It will then be followed by a dance performance by one of our members and the programme will then shift to various functions and activities performed by the people we help to grow.
  • A few songs and dance will be presented, along with reading out of self-written poems.
  • We will then showcase a range of variety of products, such as cards, candles, wall-hangings, necklace and accessories, bags, mats, etc. that have been prepared by the residents here, under the guidance of our experts. The products will be exhibited for sale, to generate funds.

Estimated costs: $78000