A charity proposal for disabled is a special proposal that puts forward the various ideas of a non-profit making organization that goes out of its way to create better living conditions for the physically challenged people. Such a proposal is designed so as to seek help from the influential people and organizations for the development of the disabled.

Sample Charity Proposal for disabled:

Name of the charity programme: Strengthening the disabled, 2011

Date of the event: 20th July, 2011

Organizers for the event: The Union Home for disabled and Swiss Co.

Purpose of the programme: To use the funds, collected from the show, for the future development of the disabled residents of the charity home.

Details of the programme:

  • A blood donation camp for helping people suffering from Thalassemia.
  • The evening program will start with the kids of the organization performing different items, such as, dance, various songs and also a play.
  • The next session will be a display of articles prepared by the disabled people, children as well as adults, of the organization – paintings, candles, bags, notebooks, etc.
  • The event will end with the distribution of food packets and also blankets, quilts and woolen garments to the disabled people.

Estimated Budget: $ 10000

Last Date for collecting sponsorship forms: 25th June, 2011

Publicity for the event will start from: 28th June, 2011

Publicity Partners: Euro News (T.V channel), and all print media and radio stations.

Tickets for the event will be available from: 5th July, 2011

All sponsors of previous years are requested to renew their forms and new sponsors are requested to collect their forms at the earliest, as they will be acknowledged on a first-come-first-served basis.