A charity proposal for funding is a specially designed document, prepared by a charitable trust or similar organizations and presented before potential companies or individuals who can fund the event or programme to be organized by the trust. It is a document that will propose the idea for fundraising, and should thus involve all details of the event plan, such that the donor company can plan and proceed accordingly.

Sample Charity Proposal for Funding:

Name of the event to be funded: Helping All, 2011

Date of the event: 6th November, 2011

Organizers for the event: Queen’s Trust Foundation for the Poor, and St. James Convent School

Purpose: The event is being organized to raise funds for the poor, who are being supported by our charity, the Queen’s Trust Foundation for the Poor.

Event Plan:

  • The event is being organized in collaboration with St. James Convent School. The students and faculty members will participate in the event and help us in raising funds.
  • The people under our care will also take part in the event, and the activities and performances that are to take place on stage will be taught to them by the faculty of St. James Convent School
  • The event will be inaugurated by Miss Maria Christie, Principal, St. James Convent School, and Mr. George Hawkins, General Manager, Queen’s Trust Foundation for the Poor
  • The event will then be followed by a dance recital, performed by the students of St. James Convent School.
  • Various other performances, such as dance, song, playing of instruments, recitation, speech, and drama will be performed by the students of the school as well as the members of the charity trust, for a span of three hours
  • The programme will end with the speeches by renowned personalities present in the event, the list of whom have been provided alongwith.

Estimated budget: $86000

Last date for accepting response to funding proposal: 17th October, 2011