A charity proposal for hospital is a written document generally put forward by a philanthropic organization that aims at building up a hospital to serve poor and helpless patients. A proposal of this type is designed particularly to seek help from other influential sections of society to provide monetary help to such associations as would support those in need.

Sample Charity Proposal for hospital

Name of the charitable organization: The Vision Group.

Address: 56-G/ II, Willsmith lane, San Francisco.

Name of the Hospital to be constructed: Life Care Hospital.

Area where it is to be located: 55/ B Rudoxia Street, Washington.

Duration of development: March 1, 2011 – October 31, 2012

Estimated budget for the project: $ 5000000

Purpose: To provide the best possible treatment and health care facilities to the financially weaker section of the society.

Facilities to be provided:

  • All needy patients will be provided free treatment in this hospital.
  • The best doctors of the country will be urged on to be a part of this charity hospital. The authorities will take due care that all possible departments be constructed and respective doctors be available such that no disease remains undetected or untreated.
  • The hospital will be well-equipped withal modern devices and instruments required for proper analysis and treatment of even the most complicated diseases.
  • Food, medicines and other services of the best quality will be provided.
  • Each patient will be treated with utmost care, both physically and emotionally.

Interested and potential sponsors are requested to drop in at the earliest possible date, before the start of construction.

For further details contact:

Mark Stevenson

Head of the Hospital Project team

The Vision Group

Contact Number: 73568139520470

Website address: www.lifecarehospital.com

Proposal signed by-


[Mark Stevenson]