A charity proposal for mentally disabled is a proposal presented before the affluent communities to support the initiative taken by a philanthropic association to help mentally challenged people. This type of a proposal aims at involving a larger portion of the society in supporting this noble cause of improving the condition of mentally disabled patients.

Sample Charity Proposal for mentally disabled

Name of the charitable organization: George Washington Trust for the Mentally Disabled

Address: 2050 – A/ II, Houston Lane, LA.

Contact Number: 49851325845260

Event Title: Serving Humanity, 2011

Date of the event: 15th December, 2011

Purpose: To generate funds for the development of the mentally disabled people.

Estimated cost for the event: $ 35000

Goals to be achieved:

  • To help the mentally disabled patients get a scope to express themselves.
  • To provide them an exposure to the outer world.
  • To enhance their abilities by teaching them various practical skills, so that they can practice these and support their own selves.
  • To encourage them towards independent existence.
  • To devise more and more facilities for their treatment.

Work Plans for the programme day:

  • A complete checkup of all the mentally challenged residents supported by the organization.
  • An interactive session wherein famous psychiatrists and neuro doctors will gather and discuss various related issues and suggest ways of development, with the developers of the organization.
  • All members, including the patients will present a musical performance.

Last date for receiving sponsorships: 30th November, 2011.

Publicity for the event will start from: 1st December, 2011.

All sponsors are requested to contact at the earliest.