A charity proposal for senior citizens is a layout that spreads the idea of building up more and more old age homes that would brighten many helpless seniors’ lives. The proposal mainly focuses on celebrating seniority and encourages potential members of the society to get involved in such efforts of granting the wishes of the senior citizens, assisting them as and when they need and making their dreams come true.

Sample Charity Proposal for senior citizens:

Name of the charity organization: Happy Times Old-age Home.

Address: 89 – P/ 43, Westminster Lane, London.

Contact Number: 42056391467398


  • To protect the aged and infirmed from the weakening social security system and to provide them with such help as would make up for their lost family assistance and other means of survival.
  • To ensure economic assistance, housing and emotional support to the elderly.
  • To organize programmes of recreation and human interaction for the senior citizens.

Work Plan: Apart from providing a much needed place that would serve the older people with love, care and human concern, and conduct activities as would support the above-stated objectives, this charity home would be specially designed so as to offer a Christian perspective on aging and hence perform a noble job of offering hope and assurance to the respectable seniors.

You can help by –

  • Volunteering: Activities from fundraising to administrative support to entertainment and participation in various events or even organizing them, would all be considered as beneficial acts of volunteering.
  • Reference: One can also refer seniors who need help from our organization.
  • Contribution: You can help us with monetary support or in kind, such as by donating books, clothing, automobiles or used furniture.