Charity proposal for underprivileged is an outline of the proposal given to a body with regard to funding of a charity event. It is aimed at meliorating the conditions of the needy and disadvantaged stratum of the society with the help of charity shows or events. Thus it must be written logically by including the main points of the proposal.

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Sample Charity Proposal for Underprivileged

Charity Proposal for Underprivileged

Download Charity Proposal for Underprivileged

Name of the charitable company: Loving the Underprivileged

Focus of charity programs: We are concerned about underprivileged people, especially children, and work for their rights.

Proposal submitted to: Classmate Publishers

Proposal submitted on: 7th October 2011

Premise of proposal: Our Company is going to hold a gymnastic show for which we need your fiscal aid. The proceeds raised from the success of the event will be used for funding the education of the underprivileged children residing at our homes.

Objective of the proposal: The funds will help the children receive education from proper schools like other normal children so that they grow into not just literate but educated individuals and get employed in stable jobs.

Date and time of the event

The show would be staged at Roxy Auditorium and begin at 5 pm and continue till 10 pm on 7th January, 2011.

Ballpark cost of the event

The cost of the show would come to $1, 20,000 tentatively including the rental price.

Highlights of the event

  • The gold medal and silver medal winners of the Olympic Games, 2010, will be putting up an act.
  • There will be complimentary drinks and food arrangements for audience.