Charity proposal for widows is a proposal presented to aid unfortunate and widowed women. The proposal must outline the plans and methods of the charity program so that the receiving end of the proposal is fully convinced and determined about it. The premeditated functions must be drawn up in the proposal document to provide a visual tour of the event.

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Sample Charity Proposal for Widows

Charity Proposal for Widows

Download Charity Proposal for Widows

Name of the charity organization: Widows’ House

Proposal given to: Hotshot Radio Station

Date of presentation of proposal: 6th March, 2011

Working strategies:

  • Economic strategy:  It helps widows find jobs who are not educated by US education standards and tries for their perennial employment in a secured place.
  • Health strategy: It provides medical assistance to expecting women during their pregnancy and at the time of delivery and takes care of their children in the post-natal months.
  • Social strategy: It helps these women socially connect and construct healthy relationship with the people in order to live a stable and happy life.

Theme of the proposal: We have planned to conduct a workshop for widows on cooking where we have invited some famous culinary experts from all around the world. The workshop will teach women to cook continental and local dishes.

Aim of the proposal: The lessons will help in the expansion of job opportunities for widows and they will be in the position to put their training into use while being employed at hotels and inns.

Expenses of the proposal: The workshop will be conducted with the support of your sponsorship. The cost would be around $40,000.