A charity proposal format must include details of the charity event itself along with the design of planning and final execution. It must be a detailed document which is of organizational value and which provides the correct idea of an event management company to an organization seeking to organize a charity event.

Sample Charity Proposal Format


Date of proposal submission:

Nature of proposal: (Fill in the requisite details)

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a charity proposal must commence with an outline of the methods by which the event is to be organized by the event management company in question. This should include details of guest list, food and entertainment as well as arrangements for monetary contributions from invitees. Raffles sheets can be organized or money can be collected in the form of games etc. This paragraph will provide, without any circumlocution, a clear idea of the organizational strength of the company.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of the proposal must move on to a discussion of the cost of organizing such an event. A breakup of the costs likely to be incurred can be provided. Transparency must be ensured at all costs. It can also encompass a discussion of how the company sponsoring the charity event will benefit from the publicity blitzkrieg.

Third paragraph: This pargarph should form a fitting conclusion to the proposal. It must end with a discussion of the stature and credibility of the event management company. A presentation containing details of prior events organized by the company can be added.

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