A charity proposal is a document containing details of a certain charity event or programmes to be conducted by an organization that works in the respective field of business. The document should be prepared in a clear and concise manner and should necessarily contain authentic details, such that this noble cause does not blow up any confusion regarding fake details.

Sample Charity Proposal:

Name of the organization: Good Life Charitable Organization for All

Proposal prepared by: Jimmy Rogers

Head of the organization

Proposal submitted on: 12th September, 2011

Purpose: This charity proposal has been drawn up to bring before all the news of extension of our organization. We would like to place this proposal before all influential companies and individuals to help us in making the effort successful.

Aims and objectives:

  • To reach out to all sections of the society and ensure that we take care of the maximum number of people who are in genuine need of our help.
  • To make each and everybody under our guidance self sufficient, to the greatest possible extent
  • To ensure all-round development and a happy and safe living for all the inhabitants of our charity house

Details of the proposal:

  • We have, till now, worked only for the children, minors, and the aged. A major portion of the middle-aged adults also need charitable help and we would like to extend our helping hand to them as well.
  • We would like to arrange for schemes that will induce the needy under our care, after thorough analysis of their needs, which have to be genuine.
  • We will organize health camps to ensure proper physical and mental health for all.
  • Those who will be granted help under this new section will also be involved in certain activities that make them work according to their abilities and support their own selves. Our organization will provide the required help.