Church Funding proposal is presented by the church authority for the maintenance and other related services of the church. Such kind of proposal must be constructed articulately so that the people find it worth investing for the name of god and worship place.

Sample Funding Proposal

Name of the church: St. Paul’s Church

Executive summary:

Jesus said “The house of god shall be called as a house of prayers by the people of the nation” and we abide by this statement of lord. For last 25 years of our establishment, we are welcoming worshippers and pilgrims around the nation to be a part of our every prayer and worship programs.

Objective of the proposal:

By the name of holy god, we have established the church 25 years back and have opened the door to all the visitors and worshippers across the world. The constructions of the church do require an immediate renovation so that we could carry out our services for god and his worshippers without any hindrance. Even the nation treasure it as one of the best-known churches across the globe and it is where one can find heavenly peace.

Intended people: All the people of the nation who wishes to contribute for the holy place of worship

Estimated cost for the renovation of the construction: An approximate cost of $ 35000 has been estimated.

Date planned for starting the job of renovation: 15th August 2011

Please note if you are accepting the proposal then deposit the fund at the administration office of the church before the above mentioned date.

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