Civil construction proposal is put forward by a civil construction company depicting their objective and plan for a civil construction work. Such kind of a document should be informative and persuasive so that it is successful in convincing a large number people.

Sample Civil Construction Proposal

Name of a civil construction: Cisco Civil Construction Ltd.

Proposal is presented by: Magma Lewis

Civil Construction Planner-Head

Date of presenting the proposal: 7th July 2011

Title of the proposal: Proposal for Construction of PL field

Executive summary of the company:

Since 2001, we have created a remarkable foot print in the field of civil construction by gaining maximum satisfaction for our clients and customers. Even utilizing the cutting edge equipment and specialized software we could provide an accurate layout of our plan beforehand to our clients.

Our commitment and personalized services have made us most sought after civil constructor company.

Purpose of the proposal:

We solicit this proposal to the concerned authority making an urge to get the contract of PL field construction. We believe that we have the capability to undertake such a big project with our enormous commitment and skillful work.

Plans to be executed:

  • We would try to make maximum use of the land that has been taken for the construction work.
  • Maximum seats for audiences in the gallery would be accommodated.
  • Have made efficient planning for other services like grading, drainage etc for the field as well.

Timeline for the project completion: Maximum 13 months

Estimated Budget: $21000-$25000 approximately

Proposal acceptance would be entertained till: 27th July 2011

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