A college is the next stage of education after a student passes out from the school. The college imparts knowledge in advanced and specialized courses and stresses on practical applications. A college construction proposal is an official document presented by the concerned company to the local government for the purpose of building a new college benefitting the community and meeting the growing demand of quality education. The college construction proposal consists of several details in a nutshell. The basic information about the interested company undertaking the project is mentioned. The approximate budget for processing the project is indicated. The time-frame for completing the project is also mentioned.

Sample College Construction Proposal

Name of the company: Community Buildings Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 74 / WL Red Road, Oklahoma City – 01, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Ernest Xavier

Total budget of the complete project: $800, 00 – $900, 00

The time-frame of completing the whole project: 10 – 12 months

The main work details of the college construction proposal:

  • Finding a location for the college and making the necessary arrangements with support from the local government.
  • Incorporating the environmental and safety regulations.
  • Focusing on the implementation of the infrastructural functionalities required for the college building.

The main objectives of the college construction proposal:

  • Helping the community with a top class educational institute.
  • Garnering revenue earnings and sharing it with the local administrative authority.
  • Striking a chord with the concerned authority.


Signature of the proposal manager: Mr. Gary Patterson