A college event proposal is a layout prepared by the college authorities to approach various industrialists and companies or other such financially strong organizations so as to seek cash or trade value contributions for the college event. A document of official importance, such proposals must be in written form and maintained carefully.

Sample College Event Proposal

Name of the event: Tech-cultural Fete, 2011

Dates of the event: 15th and 16th April, 2011

Name of college: Westford University for Technical Knowledge.

Address: 465 – Lansdowne Street, LA.

Contact Number: 40956738124570

Website: www.techculturalfete@westford.com

Estimated budget for the event: $ 6500000

Purpose: To bring out the practical technical skills of the students as well as their talents in various cultural activities.

College Event details:

  • The event is to be held at the college’s home auditorium, with an audience capacity of more than 4000 people to be accommodated.
  • The first day of the programme will be technology based, wherein students will showcase their creations in this technical field and will also compete with one another and in groups as well on academic grounds. This part of the event will be judged by famous technocrats George Marx and William Gates and industrialist Stephen Waugh.
  • The second day will be of cultural events wherein students will exhibit various art forms such as dance, music, elocution, drama and also an inter-college fashion show will be hosted, judged by famous designers Samantha Gomes, Mark Tailor, Jennifer Winston and personality grooming expert Zurich Jones.
  • Stage light and sound arrangements and also security factors, both on-stage and off-stage need to be thoroughly checked.

Last date for receiving sponsorship details: 2nd April, 2011

Publicity starts from: 3rd April, 2011

All sponsors, new or old, must contact at the above address of the college at the earliest.

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