A college funding proposal is a written document prepared by a college authority to reach out to another financially strong organization to support its idea of developing an institution that would impart higher education to deserving students. This particular layout should illustrate all work plans and a tentative record of all costs that are to be incurred.

Sample College Funding Proposal

Name of college: St.Francis Institute for Engineering Studies

Purpose of starting a college: To develop the infrastructures of the college and hence impart a better quality of education

Estimated budget for the project: $ 1000000

Time frame for completion of the plan: 1st March, 2011 – 1st November, 2012

Details of the project:

  • The institute will be a breeding ground for future technocrats and hence promises to provide the best quality education in all streams of engineering, be it mechanical, civil, electrical, computer science or applied electronics. Hence an increasing number of laboratory and study rooms need to be developed to help the process.
  • Also workshops, seminars, personality enhancement sessions and such other seasonal programmes have been planned so that they can fare well at the job front.
  • The college takes the responsibility of on-the-job summer trainings to familiarize students with the working conditions and environment and help them to assess their academic and practical skills in the subject. Financial help is required for the same.
  • Funding organization can conduct induction process and benefit from these young engineers.

Funds will be collected from: 17th April – 30th April, 2011

All those who are interested to fund the project must contact the office at the earliest. The highest and most profitable funds, judged from all business and ethical respects, will be chosen.