A commercial lease agreement proposal is a kind of a proposal which a person or party sends to another person or party, proposing to formulate a commercial lease agreement for the lease of a certain commercial product or property.

The proposal must be formal in nature and should be convincing enough for the recipient to accept it and its given terms. A sample of a commercial lease agreement proposal is presented below for your reference.

Sample Commercial Lease Agreement Proposal

Name of the proposal presenter: Mr. Bill Andrews

Business name: Andrews International Company

Address of the business: D-56, first floor, modern tower, Pablo Street, London

Contact number of the proposal presented: 47092357095

Proposal presented to: John Brynn, Owner, Hardy Group of companies, London

Proposal presented on: 6th March 2014

Proposal approved on: 7th March 2014

Purpose of the proposal

I, Bill Andrews am writing this proposal to you to propose to form a formal contract or agreement for the commercial lease that has been finalized between us. The agreement will seal our discussed terms in a more formal and legal way and will prevent violation of the terms by any one of us.

Details of commercial lease agreement proposal:

  • You, the LESSOR of the property and I, the LESSEE of the commercial property can conduct a meeting with our legal representatives and formulate the formal terms of the commercial lease arrangement.
  • The lease agreement can discuss the time frame of the lease, the lease payment amount as well as the roles and responsibilities of both the involved parties.
  • The agreement can act as a proof if any one of us violates any of the terms of the agreement during the effective term of the contract.

If you wish, I can send you a draft of the already discussed matters so that you can show it to your legal aid.