Any plan which is made by a commercial real estate company to propose or suggest certain marketing tactics and strategies to remain ahead in the competition or to win more clients is known as a commercial real estate marketing proposal.

Any proposal of this kind is the best way to put forth an idea and take formal permission or approval regarding the same from the decision maker of the real estate company. You can go through the following given sample for reference.

Sample Commercial Real Estate Marketing Proposal

Name of Real Estate Company: Jackson Real Estate Solutions

Official Address of the company: 123, Parkson Street, H road, London

Contact number of the company: 4790358905, 4703957035

Proposal presented and conceptualized by: Peter Harvey

Senior Marketing Manager, Jackson Real Estate Solutions

Proposal presented on: 17th May 2014

Proposal presented to: Toby McGuire

Owner, Jackson Real estate solutions

Proposal approved on: 19th May 2014

Proposal objective: this is a commercial real estate marketing proposal being made to suggest certain marketing tactics that we can use to stay ahead in the competition and earn more revenue by winning more clients.

Real estate marketing proposal statement:

We must offer discounts and offers to our existing clients and customers in order to attract them towards our new projects. We must give some or the other incentive to new clients in order to establish a certain trust factor and associate with them well.

Details of the plan:

  • We must offer 10% discount on all our new projects to existing customers.
  • We must offer sale of all those apartments and properties which we haven’t been able to sell in the past.
  • We must give the offer of 5% discount to new clients.
  • We must offer a lifetime membership card to existing clients and set a point system which they can redeem whenever they like.