Any proposal which is made to request the leasing of a commercial retail space or property is known as a commercial retail lease proposal. A proposal of this kind is a kind of an attractive offer which the sender makes to the recipient with the hope that it will be accepted.

One must make the proposal of this kind very convincing so that the recipient cannot put it down. A sample of a commercial retail lease proposal is given below for your reference.

Sample Commercial Retail Lease Proposal:

Name of sender of proposal: David Lynch

Address of the proposal presenter: D-45, first floor, Martin square, London

Profession of sender of proposal: Owner of Lynch grocery stores, London

Contact number: 437904606, 4740359055

Proposal presented to: James Mathews, Owner, Kell Corporation

Date of proposal submission: 4th July 2014

Commercial retail property details:

Address: A-678, reedling road, London

Objective of proposal

I am sending this proposal to you to propose to lease the above mentioned commercial retail property for a period of 3 years to run my grocery store outlet at it and agree to make the rental payment in the first week of each month for the entire effective period of leasing.

Details of commercial retail lease:

  • I shall be using the property only for retail business purpose and am willing to abide by all property rules and regulations.
  • I will be willing to maintain and clean the property on my own and would pay for any damage or other repair caused to the property due to my activities.
  • I am willing to sign a legal contract for the leasing and will make the least payment of $1000 every month for this commercial retail space.
  • You would be free to inspect the property at any time during the effective term.
  • I promise not to sublease the property to any third party.