A communication training proposal is drafted in order to conduct a communication training program in any institute or organization. In this proposal all the details about that training is being provided. It is a formal document which will specify the need of the training along with the results which can be achieved with this communication training. This document will also talk about the training module and its duration.

Sample Communication Training Proposal:

Company for which the communication training proposal is written: Crystal Group of                            companies, Stocks field, Northumberland

Date of submission of communication training proposal: 11th February 2011

Communication training proposal presented by: Talk Well Pvt. Ltd.

About the communication training proposal:

This proposal is presented to the Crystal Group of companies for the communication enhancement program for their employees. This program is planned for all age group which will focus on increasing the interpersonal communication of the participants at all levels. The participants will be graduated to a new level of communication by attending this session which will also help in their communicational interaction with their clients and colleagues.

Communication training proposal Strategies:

  • It is a 20 days training program in which topics like interpersonal skills, presentation skills, interview skills, intercultural communication, communication to resolve the issues must be focused.
  • The participants will be trained to improvise their listening capacity so that they can identify the communication barrier and present their thoughts in a planned and effective manner. Along with the voice training they will also be explained about body language and its utilization.
  • This training will be conducted by some of the top professionals from the field of communication management.

Thanking You.

Elliot J.

Talk Well Pvt. Ltd.