Community projects are generally undertaken for the development and upliftment of an entire community. The programs chiefly intend to create economic scopes for the underprivileged and low-income communities. A community project proposal designs elaborately the community program and approaches prospective financers for their patronage. The community project proposal, thus, must inform the investors about the project to be undertaken and stated in a way that it influences the investor’s decision in favor of the host.

Sample Community Project Proposal

Project name: Community Project Proposal for self-dependent rural women.

Proposed by: Delinda Torres.

Proposed to: Liberation and Protection of the New Woman.

Project time frame: April 13, 2012- April 13, 2013.

Project Area: Pemberley village, Bathes, England.

Estimated project cost: 18000$.

Objective: The project aims to provide vocational training to rural women and thereby empower them with jobs that would guarantee their economic independence and enable them to live a quality life with dignity.

Target group: The project would cater to rural women across age, religion, class, caste and culture. However, it would specifically appeal to:

  • Widowed women.
  • Single women.
  • Prostitutes seeking alternate life.
  • Elderly women left alone.
  • Women discarded by family.


  • To equip women with proper education and skills to attain employment and lead a better life.
  • To understand their life’s worth and instill in them the confidence to do something worthwhile.
  • To build women’s solidarity across class, caste, religion, age, cultures.
  • To help women come out of their oppressive situations and live an independent respectable life.

Courses offered:

  • Sewing, knitting, tailoring.
  • Handicraft.
  • Typing skills.
  • Cooking.
  • Photography.
  • Painting.
  • Spoken English

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