A company business proposal is a formal document which a company or business organization prepares or frames in order to evaluate a certain section of business which needs improvement or changes. Often, companies prepare proposals for earning better revenue, improving work productivity or with the aim of better marketing efficiency.

These proposals are drafted by senior executives and presented to highest authority of the company for their acceptance or validation.  One such sample of a company business proposal has been given below and it can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Company Business Proposal

Name of the Company: Roberto Furnishing Company

Address of the company: r-89, fifth floor, Potter’s tower, Jackson enclave, Manchester

Proposal prepared by: Greg Timothy

Senior Marketing manager, Roberto Furnishing Company

Proposal presented to: Henry Maddison (Managing director, Robert Furnishing Company)

Proposal presented on date: 5th April 2014

Purpose of proposal

This proposal has been framed in order to improve the overall marketing efficiency of the organization by changing existing strategies and paying more focus on social media marketing. This business proposal is expected to bring about an increase in popularity of the company, thereby increasing the overall revenue.

Proposal details:

  • For improving marketing efficiency, the company will need to switch to some better means of marketing like social marketing, Google advertising and internet marketing.
  • For this, the company will have to employ social media marketing experts and online marketing executives.
  • Rather than spending 10% of the marketing designated money on banners, the company must invest more on targeting the young married couples who are always looking to renovate their house by opting for better furnishing choices.
  • The company must start selling products online as today; most of the customers are switching to online shopping. This will give a huge boost to the sales and also take the name of the company to more number of people.

Total estimated cost for one year: $500000