A Company sales proposal is the document which is prepared to present in a company regarding the sales. This is very carefully drafted document which gives the detail information about the product and services to the clients. This formal proposal will also have all the details about the company itself. It must contain all the authentic information about the product and services offered by the company. Any biased or fake information must not be presented in these company sales proposals.

Sample Company Sales Proposal:

Company sales proposal submitted by- Mr. Evan Homes

General Manager Sales, Goodwill Shipping Ltd

Company for which the sales proposal is submitted: PCB Group of Companies

Date of submission of Company sales proposal: 1st July 2011

Aim and Objective of the sales Proposal:

The aim of this Company sales proposal is to inform the PCB group of companies about the shipping services offered by the company. This will also give them the detail information about the places where they offer their shipping services along with rest of the legal formalities required to hire their services.

Company sales proposal Strategies:

  • We are into shipping business from over two decades. We have been taking care of all business shipping for many giants in the industry. We follow all the legal formalities while dealing with any client. We assure you timely delivery at the most competitive price in the industry.
  • We have the advanced technology and instruments to make your delivery smoother.

We hope to get an enduring affiliation with your association.

Evan Homes

General Manager Sales