A computer project proposal is a document designed to outline the objectives and proposed work processes of a certain computer project. It discusses the various points of development of a computer or some other derived project related to the machine. Being a highly technical project, the proposal needs to be accurately prepared so as to cover every minute detail of the assignment.

Sample Computer Project Proposal

Name of the project: Computer Vistas

Organization undertaking the project: Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Date of proposal: 3rd August, 2011

Proposal signed by: Mr. Greg Richards

Executive Director

Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Objective of the proposal:

The primary objective of the proposal is to establish this computer project that will launch a new range of computers.

Project overview:

  • These computers are designed in-keeping with the latest and best technologies that would provide all groups of customers with the maximum facilities – be it the students, bank managers, office employees or other professionals.
  • A large number of computers are to be developed to meet the needs of the people in this modern age.
  • The computers that are to be launched will not just be replete with advanced technologies but will also be made user-friendly.
  • The entire project has been designed in a way to meet the standards of computer engineering and programming.

Estimated budget: $1538500

Seminar on project development and management to be held on: 7th November, 2011

Proposed time frame: 5th January, 2012 – 25th June, 2012

Interested technocrats in this field are requested to contact at the earliest. A detailed and comprehensive structure of the project will be presented during the seminar. For further information, refer to our website www.computervistas.com

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