A computer science research proposal is a document which bears the essential content of a computer science research. It must be of remarkable quality to please the person who is being approached with the proposal. A special mention should be made of the educational and practical abilities of the candidate to check his eligibility.

Sample Computer Science Research Proposal:

Subject: Computer Science research proposal

Name of student: Jimmie Lauren

Current status: Computer Science student at Computer and Information Institute (CII)

Date of presentation of proposal: 26th June, 2012

Field of research: I am willing to conduct a research on the C++ programming language by focusing on the default programs of Blue Java to see if it can be used for developing video games.

Cost of conduction: The tentative cost of research would include the cost of the materials, hardware and documentaries used for this purpose. I have applied for a grant in the Institute considering the huge expense of the research.

Educational background: I have passed my graduation and post-graduation exams with qualifying marks and have assisted the department’s research team in a few ventures. I feel I am in a position to carry out a full-fledged research on the basis of the experiences I have earned through the years.

Uses of the research proposal: The research would provide proper gaming solutions if the research motive is established. Since C++ is the most important programming language in the profile of computer software, it can be put to further use in designing entertainment medium and in augmenting the field of computer graphics.

Expected time of achievement: Depends on scope