A computer training program proposal is a computer training program proposal which is written keeping a specific group of audience in mind. It could be a basic computer literacy training program or a high end computer software training proposal. In either case all the details about the training program are mentioned in the proposal. It is a formal document which also explains the purpose of that training along with its outcome.

Sample Computer Training Program Proposal:

Company for which the computer training program proposal is written: Green People NGO

Date of submission of computer training program proposal: 13th July 2011

Computer training program proposal presented by: Glow Minds Pvt. Ltd.

About the computer training program proposal:

This proposal is submitted to Green People NGO for their computer literacy program, which they want to conduct in the school for poor kids. It is a 50 days computer program which will teach the kids the basics of computer and its application.

Computer training program proposal Strategies:

  • It will be a fifty days of training program which will be conducted by the team of 15 trainers. 100 students with the help of 25 computers can attend this training in one cycle of program.
  • It will be a free training for the students and the entire cost will be borne by the NGO. It will train the students to use the computer and work on it by using the basic software’s.
  • The students will get a certificate on completing the training which will add a lot of value in terms of their employability.

Thanking You.

Jonathan K.

Glow Minds Pvt. Ltd.



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