A construction contract proposal is the initial step of a negotiation process between two commercial parties for construction of property or properties that are similar in function, nature or purpose. It must be drafted with care in order to locate the cost requirements, units to be produced and contractors’ details so as to produce a well bound and specific contract proposal.

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Sample Construction Contract Proposal

Construction Contract Proposal

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This construction contract has been presented to John Construction Group, (contractor) by Levis IT Company (client) on 5th September, 2011. It may be approved after scanning the proposals given underneath.

Service specifications:

  • The service to be secured through the contract includes building a cafeteria for the office with a seating area (smoking zone inclusive) and a segregated coffee-vending area.
  • The cafeteria has to be equipped with modern equipments and open space to provide faster services and easy movement during peak hours.
  • The furniture allocated for the spaces have to be sleek so that employees can feel a bit relaxed during a coffee break.

The following are the contract details pertaining to the proposed construction:

Payments: The contractor has estimated the cost of the entire construction to come to around $5, 00,000 due to be approved by the client. The payment will be made only after full completion of the contract work.

Temporal considerations: The term starts from 5th January, 2012 and ends on 5th June, 2012. The deadline to respond to the proposal is 5th December, 2011.

Legal contemplations: The district tribunal court of US would be approached for exercise of jurisdiction over this contract.