A construction grant proposal is a kind of a proposal which a construction company writes to a governmental organization, asking for their permission to construct a building or structure. In any such grant proposal, the company explains why the proposed construction plan is important and the reasons why the government should grant the permission for it.

Thus a construction grant proposal must give details about the project, the proposed cost and its benefits to the city or society in general. Given below is a sample of a construction grant proposal that can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Construction Grant Proposal

Name of Company: QHY Builders and constructors

Address of company: A-78, second floor, modern tower, Kell Street, New Mexico

Contact number: 43750938505

Proposal prepared by: Robert Mathews

Senior Vice President, QHY Builders and constructors

Proposal presented on: 3rd May 2014

Proposal presented to: Jack Dawson

Chairman, New Mexico Construction division

About the company:

QHY builders and constructors is a company that has been building some of the most high quality and superior residential and commercial projects in New Mexico for the past 2 decades. We specialize in building of large scale projects.

Proposal objective:

We plan to build a multi -specialty hospital in New Mexico Town Center area to meet the superior medical services requirements of the people of New Mexico. This hospital is a long due requirement for the city and would have the most high end medical facilities.

Details of the proposal:

  • The hospital will have separate wings for all major ailments like Lung, heart, liver, brain and others.
  • We plan to complete the construction work in 2 years from starting date.
  • The construction work will be handled independently by QHY builders and constructors without the help from any other construction company.
  • The total estimated construction cost will be around $30000.