Construction project proposal is presented by any construction organization proposing their need for any construction project work. Such proposals must enunciate the important points efficiently so that the intended audience could get a clear idea of the ongoing or planned construction work in detail.

Sample Construction Project Proposal

Highway Construction from Minnesota to Texas [An initiative made by the USA Government for the people of the nation]

Road Construction Project Proposal Presented by: GE Road Constructors

Date of presenting the proposal: 5th June 2011

Purpose of the proposal:

This proposal is presented to the concerned authority of both the state of Minnesota and Texas to control the traffic so that the highway construction work could be carried over smoothly in this region.  This is a government-aided project so the construction company is requesting shelter for the workers near the project site as well.

Project Overview:

A 314 km long highway will be constructed from Minnesota to Texas in order to make the communication easier and faster between these two states. Texas is popularly known for having large number of hospitals therefore it would lessen up the distance with another important state.

Intended audience:

Through this proposal we would like to achieve co-operation of Minnesota and Texas traffic control and the government authority of both the states.

Estimated budget for the entire project: $25000 approximately

Fund received till date: $12000 approximately

Time require for project completion: Maximum 1 year

Last date of proposal acceptance: 12th June 2011

We will commence work within 5days of proposal acceptance.

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