A construction proposal example is a layout provided by the builder as a contract for any construction project to the prospective customers. Such kind of proposal examples gives complete details to the prospective customers regarding multiple designs and construction related decisions.


Sample Construction Proposal example

Name of the construction project: Gennex valley


The construction project will be at: 78, Gennex Park




Project Plan:  It is a 32 acres project with 40% of it has been devoted to children’s playground, greenery and water bodies. It would also have 30 spacious buildings with each one accommodating 18 flats.  Other spaces and areas would also be created to have recreation areas.


Multiple Designs signifies its uniqueness: This construction project is a way different than any other well designed projects. No flats are similar to each other. Each one of it has different designs and structure which is something that one would never find previously in any big construction projects


Budget estimated: The total budget estimated is $900000


The construction work will be inaugurated on: 15th November 2011


Marketing and Publicity:

  • Television channels will chiefly regulate the marketing and publicity of this project.
  • Other promotions would be thorough real estate fairs and construction project’s website.
  • Marketing will also be regulated by the renown marketing organization Paulis marketing agency.



The first date of starting the publicity venture for this project: 10th July 2011


Acceptance of the proposal is prioritized through first come first serve basis. For further details contact the undersigned.


Streak Hanks

Construction project: Gennex Valley

Contact numbers: 667787