Construction proposal letter is a document which outlines the key features of a construction proposal in a manner that it is impressive and efficacious. Because a proposal letter is judged by the company floating tenders, it has to be attractive to grab attention.

Sample Construction Proposal Letter


Joseph Richards (executive director)

Mackintosh Pvt. Ltd.

Los Angeles

22nd March, 2011

Respected Sir,

We hereby outline our salient features and prior achievements in the hope that you will grant us the contract for the tender floated on 17th May. We present below, a brief summary of our status as one of the leading construction companies of the United States. Some details are provided for your convenience:

Name of Construction Company: Builders Inc.

Proposal in response to tender number: 2488247

Our aims and objectives: We seek to present a construction proposal to you which will outline our achievements and our specific policies towards your proposed project. Also enclosed with this letter is a compact disc outlining our proposals in more detail as well as reference letters from previous clients.

Our specialty: we specialize in heavy-duty construction enterprises like the one you have envisioned. Hence, it would honor us greatly if you decide to work with us. Our human and technical resources are the most updated in this industry.

Fees charged: We charge the nominal amount of 5000$ for the initial phase of the construction project, after which prices are negotiable between both parties. This is however exclusive of the costs of the project itself.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Builder’s Inc.