The construction proposal is designed by the builder while bidding on a contract for any construction project. Such kind of proposal provides information to the recipient regarding decision making of builders and multiple construction designs.


Sample Construction Proposal

Name of the construction project: Starlit Apartment


The project will be constructed at: 34, Houston Park

Starlit Village



Project Plan:  A 21 acres project with 14 acres being devoted to water bodies, greenery and areas for playground. 20 well spaced buildings where each one accommodates around 16 flats. The complete project also has space for recreation clubs, gym and swimming pool.


Designs: The two kinds of design have been proposed for the flats. One with two sides open and another with three sides open. Two sides open construction is for 160 flats and rest 160 flats have three sides open.


Budget: The total budget estimated is $700000


Construction for the project will be inaugurated on: 12th September 2011


Publicity and marketing:

  • Publicity and marketing will be mainly regulated by various television channels.
  • Several real estate sites which advertise big construction projects will also take part in publicizing the project.
  • Apart from this, the project would be publicized to different places by hoardings, on real estate fairs or through leaflets from the construction agency related to this project.


First publicity date: 1st July 2011


Proposal acceptance would depend on first come first serve basis. For further details contact the undersigned.


Nancy Joseph

Hewlitt Building Construction Works

Project: Sterlit apartment project

Contact number: 8990809