A construction research proposal is a kind of a proposal which is framed or drafted in order to propose construction research work. Such proposals are generally framed by construction companies so as to improve their business or earn more revenue.

A senior executive of the company frames such a proposal and presents it to the owner or managing director to get his/her consent. Such proposals are formal documents which must be framed in an official way. Given below is a sample of a construction research proposal which can be taken into reference by anyone.

Sample Construction Research Proposal

Name of Construction Company: Picasso Construction Works

Address of the company: R-90, first floor, Timothy tower, Jack Street, New York

Contact number of company: 48370359

Proposal presented and prepared by: Peter Jackson

Senior executive, Picasso Construction works

Proposal presented to: Henry Mathews, Managing director, Picasso Construction works


We propose to conduct construction market research so as to better understand the market construction trends, activities, moves and latest equipments being used. This research will help us to fathom where we stand in competition and how we can improve ourselves to strengthen our position in the construction industry.

Details of the proposal

  • The company must conduct surveys and market research work to get information about latest construction equipments, tools and services.
  • The research must be conducted within New York and should also include research of other construction companies, their earnings, spendings and yearly turn overs.
  • If needed, a new group of research analysts have to be hired to perform the research work so as to evaluate the position of this company in comparison with other top players of the market.
  • Market research must also include customer and client surveys through which we can fathom how satisfied they are with our services.

Estimated cost of research work: $10000