A construction training proposal is a formal document which is framed by a construction company proposing new ways or improved ways of worker or technician training. These proposals throw light on the training technique or strategy which is to be applied for better employee productivity.

Training in construction companies is especially very important before employing construction workers, technicians and even other office professionals. These proposals are sent to higher level executives for their consent and on approval, the training plan is executed. Given below is a sample of a construction training proposal that can be used for reference.

Sample Construction Training Proposal

Construction Company: William Construction group

Official address of Construction Company: A-89, second floor, Jack commercial center, Peterson enclave, London

Contact number: 470935858

Proposal presented and prepared by:  Cecilia Andrews

Proposal presented to: Xavier Darwin

Proposal presented on: 19th April 2014

Objective of construction training proposal

This proposal is being written with the objective of improving and raising standard of employee training in the company for better work output, construction output and increased employee productivity. We aim to train all new employees, depending upon the job position that they will be employed at.

Details of construction training proposal:

·         Irrespective of previous training or experience, every construction worker will be given a training of 1 month before formal employment.

·         The office level workers will too be given 2 week training, irrespective of their prior work experience or expertise.

·         Technicians and other service men will be trained by senior staff for a period of 1 month before commencement of their employment contract.

·         Training hours are to be increased per day and a printed set of notes will be provided to all office level workers.

·         It will be compulsory for all employees to be present on all days of training and will not be allowed to miss a session.

Estimate cost of training: $10000 per year