A consultant project proposal is one that is prepared by a consultant in order to offer consultancy services on a specific project. The proposal contains all the details of the project that is being offered by the consultant wherein details of cost, time and other technical aspects are specified. The proposal should be drafted in a professional manner by providing information in an organized and accurate manner as given in the sample consultant project proposal below.

Sample Consultant project proposal

Name of the consultant – Richard Beckham

Status of consultant – Sole Proprietor

Office address – #4, Ammanford, Dyfed, London, SA18

Type of consultancy – Construction and job contracts

Project submitted on – 25/05/2013

Project submitted to – Reed Associates, #6, Cheshire, London, SK5

Scope of the Project :

Automation of building premises which includes light, power, plumbing, door security, elevators and storage systems.

Project Details:

Brief note about project:-

The project has a duration of six months during which all the technical aspects will be updated on a fortnightly basis on completion basis. I will provide consultation on the engineering and design aspects of the project as well until the project is completed. Apart from this the project manpower will be provided from my end who will work according to my instructions.

Project Cost:-

The project will have a cost of 25,000 pounds which has to be paid in periodic intervals. There will be five equal installments that the payment has to be made in according to the various stages of project completion. The total cost of the project includes manpower cost, material cost and consultancy cost as well.

Project Clauses:-

The project for consultancy is subject to availability of state permission for automation along with non-interference of any owners of the building in any way that hampers the work progress. The consultancy for the project is subject to termination from either party with a notice period of one month and payment terms as agreed upon.